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Specialist Regulatory and Indirect Tax Consultant for Asia-Pacific

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Regulatory Advice

Providing practical, enforceable and evidence-based regulatory advice to create a balanced approach between businesses and government.

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Indirect Tax Consulting

Analysing risk, concessions and rebates to create a cohesive tax strategy that improves cash flow and better manages tax commitments.

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Business Development

Extensive understanding of regulations, risks, financials and commercial opportunities that can be leveraged to create a strong business strategy.

about us

Who We Are

Pacific 360 is a business advisory firm with a strong footprint across the Australasia region, including Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Our team of professionals are experts across the Australasia region and can bring excellent value to our clients by providing strategic advice and delivering practical solutions that maximise opportunities, drive growth and help navigate complicated regulatory and taxation environments.

Vikash Singh, Director at Pacific 360, is a specialist in government relations, tariffs, business services, regulatory reforms, fiscal policies, excise and free trade agreements across different industries. He has a proven track record in designing and implementing successful strategies and can provide you with the valuable insights, connections and solutions you need to succeed.

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Why Work With Us

Pacific 360 has successfully delivered indirect taxation, regulatory and business advisory services to clients across Australasia.


Our reputation is built on integrity and deep industry knowledge, which we use to help our clients achieve their objectives. We emphasise integrity not just by delivering ethical solutions but also by how we operate, ensuring we always act with the highest standards of professionalism for both government and industry.

Applying industry experience and subject expertise in legislative matters related to regulation and taxation, we gain a deep understanding of your business, collect and analyse data, develop problem-solving strategies and implement them in line with the vision of your organisation.

Our commitment to honest, ethical and unbiased practices have given us a foundation to build trusted relationships with key industry and government stakeholders over the years. Our emphasis has always been on transparency and fairness, so we can achieve a balanced outcome for all parties involved.

We have been consulting with businesses and government across the Australasia region, including countries like Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea. We work with a strong team of local experts in each region who are able to deliver positive results for our clients.

Regional Expertise

Regional Expertise

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We provide regulatory, taxation and business development advice to businesses and government across Australia.

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New Zealand

Our expertise extends to SMEs, large businesses and government organisations across New Zealand.

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Papua New Guinea

Our team of advisors are able to delve deep into industry issues, working with both the private and government sector in PNG.

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Pacific Islands

We have built strong relationships with business and government stakeholders across the Pacific Islands.

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Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting Services

Our consultants are experienced in delivering a full suite of services including taxation, regulation and business development for the corporate sector.

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Meet Compliance Responsibilities

We work with clients to help them understand their compliance responsibilities through in-depth market research and analysis before developing a roadmap of how it can be delivered. This includes advice on complying with legislative requirements, audit processes and more.

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Tax Risk Analysis and Strategies

In a rapidly evolving business environment, it's important to have a comprehensive risk management strategy to support your tax and compliance obligations. We'll start with a deep analysis of your situation and work with you to develop a holistic strategy to manage risk and improve compliance.


Identify Commercial Business Opportunities

Our services extend to business development, where we research and analyse current market trends to identify commercial opportunities for our clients. We consider your objectives, strategy, financials, risks, competition, and more to help you succeed from a commercial and regulatory point of view.

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New Market Entry and Reducing Barriers to Trade

We provide strategic advice on how to enter new markets, expand existing businesses, launch new products and services and reduce barriers to trade. Our team is able to provide expert advice on tariffs, free trade agreements, excise, tax, duty and more to help make your entry seamless and successful.

Corporate Consulting

Government Consulting Services

Our team has a strong track record in government functions including compliance, regulations, taxation and policy development.

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Analysis and Advice on Taxation Matters

Governments are under tremendous pressure to deliver on taxation matters, which may require consulting with experienced tax specialists like Pacific 360. Our team will deep dive into the data, study the situation and develop a practical roadmap of how it can be delivered for the best possible outcome.

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Tax Structure, Fiscal and Excise Policy Review

We provide comprehensive policy reviews for the public sector and can assist with the development of policy, provide advice on regulatory framework, review current policies and support implementation to ensure a positive outcome is achieved for all stakeholders involved.

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Strategy to Improve Revenue Compliance

In instances where new revenue rules are introduced, we can help create a balanced approach between government and industry. This will include analysing the potential impact of proposed changes, refining proposals, building mutual trust and developing solutions to improve voluntary compliance.

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Expenditure Reviews and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Our consultants work with individual government ministries to review the portfolio's spending initiatives, along with providing a cost-benefit analysis to compare projected costs against opportunities. This will help determine the most efficient way to utilise the allocated budget.