Regulatory Consulting

Regulatory Consulting for Business and Government


Import and Export

Import and export strategies, free trade agreements, import regulations.


Food and Beverage

Food safety compliance, sanitisation, food labelling.


Therapeutic Goods

Product appearance, labelling, approval for use, import restrictions.


Cosmetics and Personal Care

Regulation of chemicals, registration, categorisation, record keeping.


Alcohol and Tobacco

Licensing, import permits, packaging content, excise.


Regulatory Consulting for Business

Our regulatory consulting service covers the legislative aspects of doing business. We help our clients understand the implications of any new or existing legislation, and develop strategies to ensure compliance. We also provide advice on new opportunities that may arise from regulatory or tax reforms. Whether it is packaging requirements, licensing or import and export regulations, we aim to create a balanced approach between industry and government, arriving at solutions that are feasible and acceptable to all stakeholders.

Regulatory Consulting for Business
Regulatory Consulting for Government

Regulatory Consulting for Government

Our experienced regulatory policy professionals also work with different government departments to analyse regulatory frameworks and provide solutions for practical reform. Some of the services we offer include policy analysis, stakeholder consultation, market research, regulatory reform implementation, and legislative drafting to name a few. We lead important conversations between industry and government to negotiate outcomes that are favourable for all parties involved.

why Pacific 360

Why Pacific 360?


Extensive Network

We have an extensive network of consultants across the Australasia region who understand local laws and regulations. We can tap into this network to help our clients understand regulatory requirements across different countries. This is valuable for businesses looking to expand into other markets.

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We value integrity in everything we do and always follow ethical business practices when it comes to understanding and implementing regulatory reforms on behalf of clients. This is one of the reasons we have been able to build relationships, based on trust, with industry and government.

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Regulatory Expertise

Pacific 360 has regulatory expertise across Australasia. We can provide you with the advice and support you need to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. We identify and assess risks, analyse policy, lead conversations, and draft legislature on behalf of both industry and government.

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Balanced Approach

Our goal is to arrive at a balanced outcome that is fair for both industry and government in policy making and industry regulations. We achieve this by taking a practical and evidence-based approach, whether it is related to policy direction, market research or risk analysis on behalf of clients.

about us

About Us

Pacific 360 is a regulatory consulting firm with expertise in all types of legislative reforms across the Australasia region, including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. Our regulatory services include import and export strategies, licensing requirements, packaging laws, product labelling and other regulatory requirements for different industries.

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Our Process

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Understand the Issue

We start by understanding our client’s issue from a regulatory point of view. This will involve asking questions, engaging with various stakeholders, and reviewing relevant documentation.

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Analysis of Regulatory Reforms

We then develop a deeper understanding of any regulatory reforms to be implemented so we can provide targeted advice to help you achieve a favourable outcome.

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Creating a Campaign Plan

We identify decision makers, influencers and different powers who can champion and lead the cause for our clients, so we can work towards achieving a practical and enforceable solution.

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Developing the Roadmap

We then develop and present a roadmap to our client, giving them a comprehesive picture of the legislative processes and reforms and where we can help further if needed.


Execution and Implementation

We can also execute and implement the roadmap for clients, working with different stakeholders, leading important conversations between industry and government to achieve a good result.


Post Outcome Evaluation

To make sure the roadmap is working as planned, we carry out scheduled reviews to monitor progress and propose changes where needed. Our team is also available to provide ad hoc advice and support.