Indirect Tax Consulting

Indirect Tax Consulting for Asia Pacific

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Value Added Taxes

GST, Sales Tax

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Excise Duty

Beer, Wine, Tobacco, Vehicles

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Employment Taxes

Payroll tax, Fringe Benefit Tax

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Licensing Fees

Business Licenses, Registrations, Insurance

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Export Taxes

Export Duties, Free Trade Agreements, Export Grants

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Import Taxes

Customs Duties, Import Excise

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Business Levies

Environment Levy, Production Levy, Fuel Tax


Indirect Tax Consulting for Business

Pacific 360 can help businesses with indirect tax matters to help them stay compliant with their obligations. We can also work with you to ensure that all professional advice is properly implemented with appropriate controls to maximise the efficiency of your tax liability. Our professional consultants are also experienced in fostering meaningful conversations between industry and government to help achieve a positive outcome.

Indirect Tax Consulting for Business
Indirect Tax Consulting for Government

Indirect Tax Consulting for Government

Pacific 360 also consults with government departments looking to improve their regulatory framework. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of indirect tax laws in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands and can provide advice to governments on improving tax compliance, implementing changes to tax policy and negotiating with industry to deliver a fair result for all stakeholders involved.

why Pacific 360

Why Pacific 360?

If you are looking for an experienced indirect tax consultant, Pacific 360 is the right choice for you. Here are some reasons why many businesses and government organisations choose to work with us:

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Regional Experience

Indirect taxes are complex and vary from country to country. We have experience in indirect taxation across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands and can help businesses operating in these markets.

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Indirect Taxation Expetise

Our team recognises the complex challenges each business faces and will work with you to manage your indirect tax obligations through tax audits, tax planning and targeted advice, in addition to identifying and helping you maximise the opportunities available to you.


Government Experience

We have experience working with and in governments in the Australasian region. If you’ve got a matter that you’d like to get government input or engagement with, we have the connections and expertise to get consultation quickly and with right decision-makers.

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We conduct our business with transparency and integrity, and have strict ethical standards during our consultation process. You can trust us to complete all dealings professionally and legally, regardless of the situation and opportunities to advance our clients needs.

about us

About Us

Pacific 360 provides indirect tax advisory services, working collaboratively with industry and government to ensure they receive the best advice. Our team has a deep understanding of indirect tax laws across the Australasia region. We can advise on different types of taxes, including GST, excise, customs duties, export grants, etc. With an ever-changing tax landscape in different countries, we can help our clients regain control of their tax planning whether they operate in one or multiple markets.

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Organisations we work with

Small to Medium Enterprises

Small and medium businesses may have different tax implications compared to larger businesses. They may also be eligible for certain deductions and tax breaks depending on the industry in which they operate. Pacific 360 can provide comprehensive advice on taxation matters to help small and medium businesses comply with their obligations.

Multi-National Companies

Having operations in more than one country can mak the tax obligations even more complex for a multi-national company. From export and import duties to government grants to excise and customs duties, it's important to have a professional team like Pacific 360 on your side to ensure you're meeting all your obligations and taking advantage of every opportunity.


Governments must ensure their tax policies are effective and fair to encourage investment and reduce the risk of unnecessary taxation burdens stifling economic growth. The Pacific 360 team does in-depth research to understand the taxation landscape and can provide strategic advice to help governments implement the right policies.


Our Process

While we provide end-to-end tax advisory services, we also offer the flexibility to choose the services you need.

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Understand the Issue

Our first goal is to understand the tax implication for our client. This involves reviewing your situation, issues and goals.

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Review Legislative and Policy Changes

We then review tax legislation and policy and how these will impact you and your business. We may also be able to identify new avenues where you can utilise tax incentives depending on the policy change.

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Comprehensive Issue Analysis

We then deep dive into the impact of taxation and legislative changes on our client. This is a more comprehensive analysis that includes interviews and research, identifying risks and opportunities to improve tax compliance.

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Modelling and Cost-Benefit Analysis

We'll also do some modelling and a cost-benefit analysis to help you understand the financial impact of a particular tax or legislative change. We’ll try to leverage the expertise of both industry and government to deliver a fair outcome for all.


Developing a Campaign Plan

We will identify different influencers and decision-makers who can champion and lead the cause for our client, as well as strategies to engage them. We also identify success parameters so we can track and measure progress.


Creation and Execution of a Roadmap

The roadmap we present will include an analysis and solution based on taxation and policy changes, which can help you make a more informed decision. Where needed, we also have the expertise to implement the roadmap on your behalf.